"I was the best in my generation at football, but my father didn't support me."

"I could easily become one of the best in my country, but the coach can't stand me."

"Today I would have been in the national team, but I gave up when I came across a coach who asked us for money to join the team."

Football is called the king of sports and top footballers are paid huge amount of money. But how hard is to get among the best of the best? And how much truth is in the stories of footballers who failed even though they were considered high talents? What is the role of luck?

If you ask an ordinary person what it takes for someone to become a top footballer, he will tell you that he needs a good form (physically), talent and work.

In fact, whether we are talking about football, or another field, there is a different way of looking at things that is closer to the truth.

Money should only be seen as a measure of the value you give to the world, but for those who know how to do it, it can also be used to accelerate success.

And here is a formula in a simple way:

Successful life = money * values * health * relationships * luck


money = (skills + time + tools) * luck

And if we replace the money formula in the one above, we get the final formula.

Successful Life = (skills + time + tools) * values * health * relationships * luck²

Now let's take this and turn it in several ways that has nothing to do with math and let's make this thing as simple as possible cause maybe it was a bit boring so far.

So, can anyone use this formula and success is guaranteed?

To a large extent, yes. Although luck appears there multiplied and my conclusion is that it plays the biggest role in life, there is a word… luck favors those who are prepared.

So…Without knowing anything else about luck, almost any person who invests his time in a way that will ensure the continuous growth of all the parameters in the above formula (skills, tools, time, health, values, relationships) will enjoy success.

Whoever does this will reach the level where he will be prepared enough to be favored by luck.

But maybe you want to ask me…"Don't I better concentrate there… on the lucky side, if he still has that two on the top right?"

Well, have a little patience… We get lucky and I'll tell you all the ways you can make him turn his face towards you and why he plays such a "difficult" role in the whole equation.

I leave luck for the end because until then we still have to discuss values, relationships and health.

In the first part, we already discussed about money, tools, skills, time and the allocation of resources.


When I say relationships, I mean 3 different aspects: family relationships, couple relationships, relationships with other people (friends and professional relationships).

It is clear that everyone who has harmony in the family, is happy in his couple relationship and has many friends, has a smoother path to success. There are many aspects that we cannot control in many of these relationships. But we must not let this part dominate us. Focus on what you can improve and prioritize relationships with the greatest impact on your daily emotional state.


Apart from the unfortunate exceptions in which people are born with ugly diseases, get sick during life, or have accidents, the average person can have almost 100% control over his health and energy.

Unfortunately, here too there is a great need for luck and I will explain why I say this. Due to the desperation for profits, people's regular diet consists of foods that kill them slowly. Even if you want to look for answers and find out the healthy way to eat and exercise, it is very difficult to find the right ones. I know this from personal experience. For me, it was not a matter of discipline to respect certain principles of nutrition and lifestyle.

I am extremely outraged by the level of manipulation that exists in the healthcare industry and beyond. Many other industries promote or unintentionally promote a storm of information and messages that harm people, especially young people and children. They are one of the main targets.

In conclusion, in terms of health, people are struggling with a monstrous force and everyone needs to take their fate into their own hands and educate themselves. Once you start giving your body what it needs, you will quickly begin to feel the difference as it begins to recover.


In addition to values, I will add beliefs and mentality.

It's simple. He who is not a good man cannot be successful. He can't be happy.

Luck also plays an important role here because if someone is recruited by some terrorists when he is a child, a set of values quite far from the ten commandments will surely be loaded in his mind.

And to say some things more common in everyday life, parents have the most important role, teachers, but also the people you meet during this journey called life. Even if you are unlucky with your parents and teachers, when you are on your feet, one way to reprogram your mind with good values is books. And to choose your models wisely.

And that's how we get to…


"The elevator to success is broken. You have to climb the stairs. ” said Zig Ziglar, one of the best-known sales content authors. For me, things are in a grey area.

As if there was a building with 100 floors, but on the first 50 floors there are no elevators. Or there are trap elevators. I mean, if you take an elevator from the ground floor, that's not one you want to climb because it takes you a little higher and then throws you empty.

Think of those who win the lottery and soon lose all their money.

Think of people who lose their fortunes and commit suicide. The ultimate failure.

You can't deny that they were lucky, but in the end he didn't use them for anything, he even hurt them. Why? Because they didn't go upstairs to the 50th floor.

They did not build enough skills, values, they were not healthy, they did not look at money as a measure of value, they did not have quality relationships….

This is the first aspect of luck, but there is another.

Expose yourself to as many situations with positive asymmetry as possible

What this means? Circumstances in which the loss may be small, but the gain unlimited. Some examples:

Start a business with little money - All you can lose is that limited amount of money. You still need to invest time, but that can't be considered wasted. You invest it to increase some skills that will be useful for a lifetime.

Try to stay as long as possible with people who can take you with the elevator above

People who can help you increase your skills, make it easier for you to access certain resources, or put you in situations where you can increase your skills.

For example, if we go back to football… Good coaches, other good footballers from whom you can learn, agents, club owners.

Courses and books - Especially those that help you increase your skills, health, to acquire good values, to increase your productivity. Even those that relax you or give you entertainment without hurting you in any way, have their role.

But there are also books on conspiracy theory, horror stories, or Vampire History - If you read these, I'm sure I'll pull you down.

Learn as many skills as possible with potential to bring you great benefits

Online business (or any kind of business), sales, storytelling (art of telling stories), public speaking, arts. And many, many more…

American billionaire - Mark Cuban, owner of the Dallas Mavericks said : "I don't know if I would become a billionaire if I took everything from scratch today. To become a billionaire, you also need luck. But I would definitely become a millionaire. I would take a sales job to earn as high commissions as possible. With the money I earn, I would start a business that I am sure I would make millions of profits. I'm pretty good at sales and business. ”

Back to footballers with failed careers. I said that in their case, people talk about talent. The same as for singers, actors, painters, or other athletes and artists.

But as you have seen, talent does not appear anywhere in the formula for success. Why? Because talent is just a spark that gives you a boost on the road to developing skills.

Regardless of the field, the thing is the same. Climb the stairs to level 50. Then, you expose yourself to as many lucky situations as possible.

Maybe these footballers, just like other people in other domains, met on the 5th floor someone who prevented them from climbing higher. That's how it is in life. But somehow you get past them. You wait for them to leave, to fall asleep, to stop paying attention to you and see your way.